ABRET-Accredited Electroencephalography

The Neuron Clinic’s ABRET-accredited electroencephalography (EEG)
laboratory provides patients with cutting-edge neurodiagnostic testing for
seizure, epilepsy, syncope, or other symptoms and illnesses. Patients must
be referred by a neurologist prior to scheduling a neurodiagnostic test at The
Neuron Clinic. Services are rendered by compassionate neurodiagnostic
technologists and technicians and include:

  • Routine EEG
  • Ambulatory EEG (24, 48, and 72-hours w/ video recording)

Referral Guidelines

For Patients – Contact your neurologist for a referral to The Neuron Clinic forneurodiagnostic testing at our accredited EEG laboratory, if indicated.
For Providers – We accept referrals from community neurologists forneurodiagnostic procedures, including those offered at our accredited EEGlaboratory. Helpful resources for referrals are listed below:
Refer a Patient Online: https://theneuronclinic.com/refer-a-patient/
Refer a Patient By Fax: fax your referral 619-425-3842
Insurances Accepted: https://theneuronclinic.com/insurances-accepted/
CPT Codes Required for Referral Authorizations:

  • Routine EEG
    • 95816 x1 and 95819 x1
  • Ambulatory EEG
    • 95700 x1
    • 95705 to 95713 x1
    • 95717 to 95719 and 95721 to 95726 x1
    • 95714 to 95716 x3
    • 95720 x4

Program Leadership
The Neuron Clinic’s electroencephalography laboratory is ABRET-accreditedas of 2023. The program is led by Fariba Farhidvash, MD. Learn more aboutDr. Farhidvash here: