Pediatric Neurology at The Neuron Clinic

With the addition of Dr. Klari Olenski to The Neuron Clinic team, we now offer pediatric neurology in the San Diego region, including Chula Vista and Temecula. Pediatric neurologists manage primary neurological concerns in patients 18 years of age and younger. Some common complaints in children are seizures, mild brain injuries from sports, headaches, and other neurological symptoms.

Pediatric neurology, or child neurology, encompasses general neurology services including new and existing patient consultations, medication management, EEGs, neurology for sports, and more. We accept many insurances including HMOs, PPOs, Medi-Cal, Tricare, Medicare, and other plans.

With the addition of a new pediatric neurologist in San Diego and Temecula, The Neuron Clinic expands its care team to better provide patients with a full scope of neurological care. Pediatric neurology in San Diego and Temecula traditionally requires a referral to local children’s hospitals with long wait times, but The Neuron Clinic’s new pediatric services will allow your child to access high-quality pediatric neurology with shorter waits for appointments and enhanced access to your neurologist and staff. With pediatric neurology now done in-house at The Neuron Clinic, we are able to offer you and your family full-service neurological care in your community. To request an appointment, please contact The Neuron Clinic at the phone numbers below.

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